Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my nephew liam at 3 months

Our family's sweet, sweet baby "wee-am" (as Harry calls him!) I wanted to capture how huge and lively his eyes were during our little session. Did some experimenting with what little window light I have coming through my house, and some white reflectors to get those big catchlights in his eyes.

Hands are yummy!

His momma says he looks like a little turtle in this one.

Aunt Lynne's Favorite

I hate it when people say babies "look" like someone else, but darnit if this expression doesn't remind me of my own baby brother! :)

Just can't help falling in love with the little bugger!

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Susan said...

O.K. seriously these pictures are gorgeous . . . I'm going to have to come home soon so I can hire you before Sophia isn't a little baby anymore!