Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Harry: Chocolate Cake Nirvana

My sister-in-law Karie (who also doubles as my fantabulous assistant) is quite a talented baker. She brought some sinful chocolate cake to my house for Christmas, and I decided to let Harry have a piece this morning for breakfast. Apologies in advance for making you hungry.

I know, I'm such a weirdo for posting pics of my kid eating Christmas leftovers when I should be posting snapshots of him opening presents. Well as you know I have a weird tendency to buck tradition! HA! The truth is the only place in my house that has desirable light is my dining room. Go figure! :D)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

erin + nick: married!

As hot as Erin and Nick's engagement session day was, their December 1 wedding topped out at 32 degrees. Karie and I had a blast shooting their beautiful wedding in Brownsburg. Here's a sneak peek from their portrait session...they were such troopers!

What an amazing dress, it looked fantastic on Erin and suited her personality so well!

Probably my favorite shot of the day (below), she certainly looked like a supermodel and I wanted to shoot some fashion style portraits of her dramatic look.

And a few of the madly in love couple...

And a favorite shot of the (nine!) guys giving Nick a hard time :)

I hope you guys were able to warm up some in Jamaica! Congratulations!